Collabtrap 2013 Round 8 to Winners Predictions

2013-07-20 05:50:51 by Carefoot

I will now predict your round of 8 brackets now

Eye cue vs Butsaay
Luke James vs Teqneek
Vinstigator vs Axtekk
Jarvs Rampant

Eyecue vs Butsaay:
Depends on EC first performance to much. Assuming Butsaay is on that same streak from last battle he should do well but Eye-Cue will still keep the edge with his veteran status of '03. Eyecue 2-0

Luke James vs Teqneek
Luke James is a problem and so is Teqneek this year. Foreigners are exotic dark horses to me.
Luke James 2-0

Vistigator vs Axetekk
Axetekk is technically beast moding right now and Vinstigator has the ability to be beast but his last battle versus Pigpen was lackluster in my opinion. I think Vinstagaydar better be signicantly American in style to up show Axetekks high level of aggression, flips and shit. This is the hardest for me to call. Hm.
Vinstigator takes this maybe not on flips, rebuttals or aggression but on just flow I think he would musically beat Axetekk here.
Vistigator 2-0

Jar vs Rampant
Jar by a pube hair
Jar 2-0


DOUBLE BONUS POINTS (double or nothing)
[WARNING]: Not sure if BigRed does top 4 in a special tree I assume hes going by posted notes like a dumbass.


Incredibly stupid speculation for me to guess this deep into the pool. For 2013 I think Eye Cue but if someone is checking for this prediction in 2014+ then it goes to LJ.

Now I'm scratching my head because I'd have to be familiar with both of them to have a more consitent guess. Due to my foreigner rule of thumb I like Jar as a musician and he falls into my foreigner rule of thumb
JAR 2-0


TRIPPLE EXPONENTIAL GUESS POINTS (you kill yourself if I get this right BigRed)
[WARNING:] Not sure if BigRed does top 4 in a special tree I assume hes going by posted notes like a dumbass. if this order is wrong then BigReds fault for fucking up Round of 4 to be facing the wrong semi-finalist oppoents. Fucktard. I love you but its fun to lay into you. Cunt.

Jar or Eye-Cue?
Lets be real on a rapping tip Jar is better. But on an experience tip we hace EC with a decade on trash in bulks since he was doing open mics. So lets be real. As a battler I can't read Eye-Cues current level due to him being a bye since round of 16. So Jar takes this but if Eye-Cue comes out the gate swinging my guess for the winner of CT is Eye-Cue. Now Jar SHOULD BE OUR WINNER. However experience is a strong weapon. Yet a strong rapper can still kill a well rounded emcee due to the format of Collabtrap. A scheme rapper can really dominant in this format which Eye-Cue is old school so I expect bars upon bars on this crazy close battle. I guess Jar wins on some young adrenaline shit. He also has +1 for that foreigner tip and that I don't like it when Americans win against foreigners no disrespect to the best of the best Americans but its something cute about that old collonial voice raping you ever since you ran away from England. Jar wins Collabtrap 2013.

Nick are you sure? Not really. If collabtrap was Mortal Kombat than I'd be Stryker right now getting my face uppercutted right now.

Sorry for no editing I'm tired.
I would have done image for round for round but you get the idea. Jar is the winner go home faggots.

Collabtrap 2013 Round 8 to Winners Predictions


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2013-07-20 14:30:44

I'd love to prove your Luke James prediction wrong, let's hope I get the chance because I have some funny ass material ready for him. Just a few lines, but I really wanna use them.

Very thorough analysis though, nice work.

Hurry up and sell those wristbands!!!!


2013-07-23 22:59:11

you should be the bookie and start taking bets...cheers for the #1 tip btw

Carefoot responds:

I'm either all right, all wrong or just a guessing motherfucker. I'll look into it and when I do I will delete this message and yours. #swag
If your reading this through a screenshot its all photoshop.